About our catalog program QE-Pattern Finder

 If you are a machine embroiderer or longarm quilter, have tons of designs, but are not really into digitizing your own designs, then QE-Pattern Finder is all you need!

A couple of years ago I made up a wish list for an all-rounder standalone catalog program:
  • a program that could show all designs on a computer - both embroidery designs and quilting patterns!
  • a program that made it easy to sort those designs into categories, creating a catalog.
  • I wanted the users to be able to view the resulting catalog on a tablet or on another computer. Therefore "Export as HTML" and "Print Catalog" were added to the wish list.
  • The program should allow our users to quickly change / edit a design without the need for (embroidery) digitizing software.
  • It should be possible to add text / lettering to an existing design - again without the need for other software.
  • The program should also have a batch converter (many of our Art and Stitch customers kept asking for it).
  • The program should also be able to show thumbnails of images (e.g. of stitch outs) and vector artwork (e.g. drawings not finished into designs yet).

My wish list went to the developers and they started working on it. The result is our  QE-Pattern Finder catalog program.

The QE-Pattern Finder User Guide that can be opened via menu Help in the program is a Loes' style User Guide of course, with a helpful getting started exercise .

Needless to say that I am excited!

Addition to this blog post: the program has meanwhile been released and it is fantastic! Even without creating a catalog and sorting your designs into the categories, it is already very helpful to just use the Browser function and find, edit, stitch your designs!


New: http://qe-patternfinder.com/

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  1. Im looking forward to hearing about this new program Loes!