Hardanger Biscornu made with Art and Stitch PLUS

Did you see my article in the Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine?

Creating the Hardanger Biscornu using the special Hardanger Tool in Art and Stitch PLUS was fun to do, experimenting with Terial Magic to make the linen fabric feel like paper to make cutting inside the Hardanger shapes super easy, and I love the result of the project, but the icing on the cake is really seeing the article in print in the July/August 2015 issue of DIME magazine!

You can download the two Hardanger designs needed to create the Biscornu pincushion. See page: http://www.artandstitchplus.com/hardanger/

Here you will find larger photos of the article. For a full description, get a copy of the July/August 2015 issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery! The full article can be found in the magazine on pages 26 and up.

 Step 1: With the Line Tool, Snap to Grid turned on, draw a hardanger shape:

Just 20 clicks in this example and you're done.

Step 2: Select the shape and click on the Hardanger Tool:

 Art and Stitch PLUS will create the necessary layers along the contour for you.

Step 3: Still with the Hardanger tool active, set the bridges

Simply click and drag from one side of the shape to the opposite side. Repeat. 

Step 4: When all bridges are set, press Enter and the Hardanger design is done!

All layers are automatically created for you.

Step 5: Starch or stabilize the fabric

I used Terial Magic, a fabric stabilizer in a spray. Makes the paper feel like paper and results in nice clean cuts. Videos and instructions can be found on the TerialArts website: http://terialarts.com/

Step 6: Hoop fabric and water soluble stabilizer and stitch the first layer

Then take the hoop off the machine and carefully cut the fabric away (NOT the stabilizer) inside the hardanger shape.

Step 7: Reattach the hoop and let the machine finish the design

The bridges are stitched on the water soluble stabilizer inside the cut away hardanger shape. The program has made enough layers to keep the bridges nice and wide, even after all stabilizer is washed away.

I added more details and embellishments to the design.

This is the second hardanger design of the Biscornu project. Here I used multiple hardanger shapes.
Cutting the fabric away is easy with my Havels double-angled applique scissors.

Step 8: Soak in warm soapy water to remove the stabilizer

Step 9: Sew the two squares together: corner to mid point

Pin the corner of one square to the midpoint of the second square (right sides together) and sew them together, pivoting in all corners. This special way of sewing the two pieces together result in the 8-pointed Biscornu shape.

Step 10: embellish the Biscornu pincusion (or wedding ring pillow)

To see the Hardanger tool in action, see video F2-F5 on our Academy website: http://artnstitch.academy/videos_plus.htm

For an overview of the wonderful embroidery digitizing tools in Art and Stitch PLUS, see page