Room for one more Retreat Sampler

Sampler of what our students will learn in the two days Retreat

We're doing a sort of "pre"-packing here: put all things aside that go with us to our big Retreat Tour at the end of this week. And guess what... I see that there's space for one more sampler. I took the Heart shape from the Art and Stitch Library, used the Magic Circle to turn it into a wreath of 6, then drew a circle covering them all in the center, selected all, right-clicked and chose "Transform Artwork > Clip".

Then I filled all parts with a different type of fill: the new Knitting Creative Fill, the Motif that our students are going to make in the Retreat, the new artwork-based stippling fills and in the corners a Distort trick that you won't believe until you see it done :)

Final step was to assign stitches and put it all in the most economical sequence to eliminate tie ins and tie offs, saved into the format of my IQ system and stitched it on my quick and easy longarm-system "hoop".  (I will make a blog about how I designed that quick "hoop" when we're back in July).

Here's an image of the final artwork and a photo of the stitched sampler.

See you soon!

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  1. Beautiful! I think I have forgotten all I learned from your Knoxville Retreat but hoping once I get into it brain cells will wake up.