Working on the Class Handouts for our Retreats and Master Classes

Having fun choosing techniques for our Retreats

Our 27,000 miles Grand Teaching Tour to the USA is getting closer and closer.
Our class handouts for our 2-days Retreats and 1-day Master Classes are almost finished and I am having fun!

My personal goal for our teaching tour is to make our students amaze themselves! 

Creating quilting patterns for your longarm system is easy... once you know how to do it!
Our Art and Stitch classes start with easy techniques and they build your skills, so that every step of the way, things are still easy!

Below are some teaser images of quilt patterns our students will create during our Retreats / Master Classes.


Many of our classes are fully booked, but there are still a few openings. See the overview page here:


One of the first exercises on Day 1 of our Retreats - Line Tool in Art and Stitch:

Playing with the wohoo scary Bezier  tool. Just 5 points to create a hatch type fill!

And some more samples of fills - different techniques will be taught on Day 2.

The very versatile Meandering Anything feature is also taught on Day 2.

The Creative Fill function in Art and Stitch can be used to fill a shape and create a continuous pattern, but it can also be used to fill around a shape, leaving that shape open:

Always wondered how professional designers make those beautiful interlocking overall / edge to edge quilt patterns? Well, join our Master Class to learn a trick or two.

Circles, Pebbles, String of Pearls. Always beautiful  in a quilt. Many different ways are taught in our classes!

Want to be able to do this yourself? Come and join our classes:


  1. oh, i wish.... i wish.... i wish.....there were a class in my area!

  2. Shall I put you on the Waitlist for the Retreat at LQA in Southlake, TX? It's less than 2 hrs from your place.See overview http://artnstitch.academy/2015/index.html

  3. They look awesome!! I wish...I wish...I wish...that I could get to a class too...

  4. these look so awesome!! I, too, would like to see a class in Virginia!!

  5. I missed all of it... Is it going to be available in online classes?

  6. I missed all of it... Is it going to be available in online classes?

  7. Yes, it will be available in our new Stay@Home classes in 2016. More information on page: http://artnstitch.academy/classes.htm