Art and Stitch Designs - Flagged :)

Art and Stitch Flag ...  Made with Art and Stitch

In May and June 2015 we will be teaching at several events: Retreats and Master Classes organized by ourselves and several classes at MQS in Cedar Rapids en SUGAR in Kansas City.

Although we would love to bring lots and lots of quilted samples with us to show in classes and to decorate our booth at the SUGAR conference, it can't be done. With over 25,000 miles (and no, that is not a typo!) in planes and rental cars we really have to "travel light".
And that is where our flag comes in! One lightweight piece of printed fabric of 6x6 feet. And you know what the fun part is? The flag design was completely made in Art and Stitch.

It's a Cheater Page too !

Besides showing off designs that will be used / created during our classes, the flag is also a cheater page. I can just look at the flag and pick one of the designs to show the technique how to create that particular design. Some designs are simply traced: one of my favorites is a photo I made years ago of a manhole cover in the streets of Antwerp. People must have thought I was crazy to make a photo of it, but it makes a beautiful quilt pattern.

Here are some more details of the flag designs. Geometric designs made with special tricks, designs made using True Type Fonts, the Art and Stitch Rays tool in action, Creative Fills etc.

Curious? Want to join one of our Retreats, Master Classes? Visit our Retreat overview page:

P.S. advantage of traveling light? On our last flight back home I can bring quilt fabric, lots of it :)


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