Art and Stitch Retreats 2015

Art and Stitch Classes

Working on the class handouts of our Art and Stitch Retreats in May and June 2015 and I just finished binding the filler sampler for the Master Class.
In the images below you can see what you will be designing in the Filler lessons during the Master Class. It combines all sorts of techniques in the Art and Stitch software: Motif fills, using different motif sizes, fill around a shape, creative fills, creating your own background fills, string of pearls and more.

The classes are filling up, so don't wait too long with your registration.
The list of our 2015 Retreats can be found here:

This is a screenshot of the sampler in Art and Stitch:

 This is a photo of the sampler after it has been quilted:

And this is a detail of the quilted sampler:

We hope to see many of you in our classes in May and June 2015!



  1. Just amazing!!! If there was a room I could get in Rogers, AR (NWA) in place of the Jenny Doan retreat that is not happening (I think at least 3 of us were coming from this area for that retreat), would you be willing to entertain the idea of coming this way in June?

    1. With 12 teaching events in the USA in May and June, covering a total of 23,000 miles of traveling our schedule is full. We can't add anything else anymore.

      For an overview of our 2015 Retreats visit page: http://artnstitch.academy/2015/

  2. Loes, your master class sampler looks amazing! Having already taken your 2 day workshop, I highly recommend your classes. Both you and Theo are incredible instructors, so very knowledgeable and professional. Would love to see a master class in Northern CA sometime! :-) Regards, Carla Barrett