Art and Stitch Retreats 2015 - "Zentangle" inspiration

The Master Class Sampler - "Zentangle" inspiration

Remember the Master Class Sampler in one of my previous blog posts? Here is another image of the exact same design. All I did was select the artwork in Art and Stitch and click on the Fill button in Properties Panel, tab Artwork. Because the designs are all continuous paths, the parts that are filled are unpredictable. The result? It gets a "Zentangle" look.

And that is the reason for this blog post: you can get inspiration for designs anywhere. Hopefully when you look at this "Zentangle-like" Art and Stitch design you can do some "reverse thinking" and see the many, many Zentangle images on the internet as inspiration for longarm quilting background fills.

 Do a "Zentangle" search on Pinterest and you will find thousands of beautiful images:

Today the flag arrived that we are using for our Retreats and in our SUGAR booth. The flag was designed in Art and Stitch Base. I will show it in my blog tomorrow.

Our Retreats are filling up - hurry!


  1. Hi Loes, if it is possible could you please put an email link gadget in your sidebar so we can be informed of blog posts straight into our email box

  2. I think that you will be notified automatically when you click on the button "Follow us" at the top of the sidebar of this blog post. If you meant something else, please educate me :) Loes

  3. Hi Loes, this design is really awesome! I followed the link and went to Pinterest, and saw other intriguing designs. Excitedly, I went to my Art and Stitch and drew a very simple design to try out the fills. I drew some closed shapes and then went to apply fill. Not all the closed shapes got filled, and the ones that got filled always got filled with the same fill. Do I need to make each closed shape an individual design so I can choose them separately to apply fill, or is there a way to apply random different fills to a design with many closed shapes? Thanks,

  4. It is the open continuous line designs (artwork) that create that special effect.
    For example in the Library, folder Panto E2E open the design named Flowers Repeatable. Select it and in the Properties panel, tab Artwork tick the Fill button and click on Apply. You won't be able to stitch that, because it is artwork. The idea behind my blog post is that I want everyone to look differently. If a background filler can look like Zentangle artwork, then thinking the other way: Zentangle artwork can be used as inspiration for background fillers.