Having fun with Book Collector

Hi everyone,

I did it almost twice now: I bought a book that I already have! So I have been searching for a program where I could scan the ISBN bar codes of all my books and let those go into a database. Well, I found the perfect program:

Book Collector from Collectorz.com

I bought the small laser scanner with it and started scanning the first shelf.

This is so much fun. Although the program doesn't find all my books (some of my quilt books are really old and not in print anymore and some front covers are missing), it is still worthwhile to get it all organized.

There's still a lot to be scanned, but once that is done, I can take the database with me and prevent that I buy the same book twice :)

(not affiliated with collectorz.com, just a happy customer)


  1. Are you using Collectorz on Windows? I have a Mac and our program is not as slick as yours! But I have had great luck organizing my Japanese books!!

  2. Yes, I am using it on Windows Vista.
    Japanese books: those are very hard to organize by title, so that is a great use of the program too :)

    I still have to add/scan a few covers of books that are out of print and sometimes the ISBN number doesn't come up with the right book (it tells me I have a Crochet Encyclopedia, well I don't do crochet, don't even like it so I definitely don't have an encyclopedia on crochet. Now I have to find which of my books it missed).
    Still a great tool!


  3. and what about Polish book covers? Never happen to download any. Althought my collection is now @ iPhone follows me always. Also not all ISBN codes are found in DB which is strange for me. Any reason?
    Happy many years using Col for music books and movies

  4. just nominated you for a liebster award - go to my latest posting and scoot down to the bottom and you will see the details