Having fun with Book Collector

Hi everyone,

I did it almost twice now: I bought a book that I already have! So I have been searching for a program where I could scan the ISBN bar codes of all my books and let those go into a database. Well, I found the perfect program:

Book Collector from Collectorz.com

I bought the small laser scanner with it and started scanning the first shelf.

This is so much fun. Although the program doesn't find all my books (some of my quilt books are really old and not in print anymore and some front covers are missing), it is still worthwhile to get it all organized.

There's still a lot to be scanned, but once that is done, I can take the database with me and prevent that I buy the same book twice :)

(not affiliated with collectorz.com, just a happy customer)

Art and Stitch Retreat in Birmingham, UK

Hi everyone,

We had a great time in Birmingham! A small class, two days and lots of work done. Geoff and Liz and the staff of The Cotton Patch were wonderful hosts.
To get a very good impression of the class look at the photos Liz made and placed on The Cotton Patch Facebook page:

ArtandStitch Workshop

We are one week home now and then our last trip this year will start, to the Art and Stitch Retreat in Brighton, Michigan, then to MQX West in Portland, Oregon.

For our teaching schedule see page

See you :)