Teaching schedule - sky rocketing

Hi everyone,

A lot has happened in the past weeks. Our Art and Stitch software is becoming very, very popular: the product is now bundled with ABM Innova's AutoPilot, with CompuQuilter, and Handi Quilter's ProStitcher.

That makes us (well, our classes of course) pretty popular. To give you an idea:

* Our classes have been added to the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show next week.

* The Cotton Patch will be hosting the first European Art and Stitch Retreat at their Studio in Birmingham, in September.

* Yesterday we had a confirmation that the folks of the Road to California show in January have managed to squeeze us into their class schedule. Online Registration will open in a few days.

* In June next year we will organize another 2-day Art and Stitch Retreat: in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can find our updated teaching schedule on our webpage

Here are some images to give you an idea what you can draw after attending our classes (even if you think you can't draw at all):

So check out our schedule and join us in one of the many classes!

Loes (packing for Milwaukee as I am writing this - yep, multitasking overhere)

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