Theo in Iceland

Hi everyone,

This is my first "off topic" post. But, it's my blog so I can write anything I like.
Theo is currently on a photo tour to Iceland, together with two friends of the Dutch Nikon club they are traveling with a 4 wheel drive jeep through the rough nature of Iceland. He is having a wonderful time and here I am sharing some photos he took last night at about midnight (at this time of year it doesn't get dark that far north).

Isn't it beautiful how flowers find a way to grow anywhere?

And, just because I can't help myself, I am going to make this quilt-related. Can you see how these flower leafs could be a nice background filler? Opened as a background in Art and Stitch and traced with the 3pt arc tool:

Voila! Background filler :)

Having fun overhere with Theo's fun overthere!


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