Jacket / Vest Project: finished project

Hi everyone,

The final vest is ready - just in time for our trip to MQX show in Providence, RI.

After quilting the first version I changed a couple of things: In the first version, the quilting patterns are open and I used a normal batting. Both together resulted in a "winter-type" vest, which is somewhat too thick for this spring. So I changed the patterns, resized them and used more intricate feather patterns. I used patterns from Sharon Shamber and from Judy Allen, digitized in Art and Stitch, and some of my own Art and Stitch patterns. In combination with a thinner batting this made the result flatter.

I connected all designs for the front parts into one object. The back consists of 7 separate patterns. I saved all pattern pieces in one file for the quilt system.
Started quilting the front parts.
When advancing the quilt, I kept the needle in the fabric, rolled the quilt and just realigned.

The photos below show the result.
So, come to our booth at MQX next week, or take one of our classes and see the real
vest :)

See class descriptions at


This is an image of the Print Preview in Art and Stitch: both front patterns are in one color. The back part consists of multiple colors (stops to cut thread). The lines around the patterns are the seam allowance, stitched too, making it very easy to cut the pattern pieces and sew together:

Here's the pattern on the frame:

The result:

Detail of collar:

Detail of pattern:


  1. Is the pattern up for sale anywhere?

  2. Wow! You did a beautiful job on this vest!

  3. Boy Loes that is very different and beautiful. Thanks for sharing


  4. Love, love, love it! I love the collar treatment. Loes, how wide are the pattern pieces? Could you have quilted them end to end along the length of the frame?
    Inquiring minds need to know! Wish I could be there for the class!
    Have fun,
    Suzanne Burke

  5. Stunning! I can't wait to meet you at the MQX classes and see this vest in person!

  6. Thanks for the compliments :)
    The two front patterns could have been quilted along the length of the frame, but the pattern for the back won't fit the throat space - not straight up, nor rotated 90 degrees (working on that, I just have to diet off 3 inches and then all patterns can be quilted in one pass, along the length of the frame :)
    And another reason why I chose this layout: I used quilt fabric which is not as wide as fabric meant for garments.

    I found that rolling the quilt with the needle down and then realigning is so easy that it really didn't matter.

    See you soon. Packing my bags as I type this (multitasking like crazy overhere). Not sure what type of clothes to bring. It feels like summer here in the Netherlands, but Providence might be a little cooler. Last time we visited MQX we had snow, while temperatures in Holland hadn't been so high in 100 years.


  7. Loes,
    Your vest is beautiful...Wish I could be there in person to see it..