Jacket / Vest Project: quilting

Hi everyone,

Today I finished the layout in Art and Stitch, changed the sewing order by moving the patterns in the Sequence View panel assigned stitches and sent it to my quilt system -
as one pattern, even though it was larger than the 20 inch throat space. During the quilt process, I have paused the machine, kept the needle down and rolled the quilt. Then realigned and proceeded. Very easy to do.
I have stitched the sample and will finish it, so that I can adapt the final version.

It will be a week before I have time to finish it, but so far I am happy with the outcome :)



  1. That's beautiful! I bet it feels good to 'SEE' something on paper become real! Rock on! Hugs, Penny

  2. Yes it sure feels good. By the time you are ready to send everything to the quilt system, the combination of the patterns is "in your head". Looking at that big machine sewing those patterns is just amazing.