I can't draw - class handout and videos uploaded

Hi everyone,

Our webinar of last Saturday (feb 26 2011) was a "full house"! It was fun to show how quick and easy you can turn your doodles into beautiful quilt patterns with our Art and Stitch vector drawing software.

Meanwhile I have uploaded the videos of all three techniques shown in Saturday's class, a class handout and as requested during the webinar, the set of my doodle quilting patterns.

Take a look on page:


Print the doodle page in the class handout a couple of times and start doodling. Remember, just one rule: start on one sharp point of the triangle and end in the other sharp point. Then let Art and Stitch do the hard work for you.

If you don't have the program yet, get it here:

Hope to *see* you again in the next webinar.


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