I can't draw - not true!

Hi everyone,

Theo and I are working on the new webinar for February. Theme will be "I can't draw". Many people who consider purchasing our Art and Stitch software tell us that there's just one hurdle: they can't draw.

In the new webinar we will show how to use the many tools and functions in Art and Stitch in a - sometimes surprising - way that even if you think you can't draw, you will be able to create beautiful quilting patterns.

We will announce the webinar in our Art and Stitch Yahoogroup early next week and place a link to join the new online class.
Don't miss the announcement and join the Art and Stitch Yahoogroup here:

OK, let me cook up some nice patterns for this webinar!


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  1. This is Great Loes -=- even though I can draw I find your tools such an asset. they are soooo easy to use -=- The result makes you a pro in no time