Free Light Box

Hi everyone,

Here's just a quick idea how to turn your monitor into a free light box by just visiting our website :)

For those instances that you would want to trace a shape to mark on fabric and would need a light box, this is what you have to do:

Visit page: http://artnstitch.academy/lightbox/

That's all! There's your free light box.
Maximize your Browser window and use the Brightness controls of your monitor.  The larger your monitor, the larger your light box. To use the light box page offline, simply use your Browser's menu File > Save page as to save the light box page on your computer.

Use Painter's tape to tape the original plus the fabric to your monitor, then trace away.
Warning: Don't use sharp pointed pens and don't use aggressive markers of course.

I happen to have an all-in-one computer where the monitor can be pushed down flat.  See photo below.

I hope you like it :)


PS: If you have one of our programs Art and Stitch or Pre-Design Studio, you won't need a light box to trace a drawing, because you can simply make a photo with a camera / phone and import the photo as a backdrop / background image and use the drawing tools to trace.